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“It’s not enough just to be a horrible person anymore is it? You have to have a horrible dog as well. One of them that’s all eyes and teeth, like a furry bastard shark on legs.”

T trains dogs. He trains them to fight.

D sits in meetings. On the outside she feigns interest in the office politics and mind numbing flow-charts. On the inside, questions gnaw away at her as she tries to work out just what to do with her own life and the new one she carries inside of her.


When a horrific crime smashes these two worlds together; T and D are forced to deal with their shared past. Sifting through the wreckage, they try to work out just precisely what happened and when. More importantly they have to know what it was in their past that led to this precise moment and just where exactly the truth lies.

DOGS is a powerful play that examines nature, nurture and the varied and bloodied forms of inheritance.

Starring Ade Ajibade and Joe Owens.


Liverpool Playhouse Studio 12 - 15 October 2022

Community Venues 17 - 21 October (Toxteth Firefit Community Hub, Our House Walton Community Hub, Walton Amateur Boxing Club, North Liverpool Academy).


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